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Assembly instruction for shoe cabinet

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 Installation tools:

Screwdriver + Hammer


Installation Program:

1. Install all the connection parts of the door panels, such as plastic shoe racks, turnover panels and inner bottom panels. Then put aside first.

2. Lay the left side panels on the ground, and let it connect with the bottom panel and foot panel.

3. Insert the back panels into the gap which on the side panel, between the back panels is back pulling panels, fix them with hardware fitting.

4. Install the assembled door panels from bottom one by one, use the relative hardware fitting to connect well each left plastic shoe racks and left side panels.

5. Cover the right side panel onto the right plastic racks, fix with the relative hardware fitting.

6. Connect the top panel with side panels and up back pulling panel.

7. If the shoe cabinet is tall, the hardware fitting for tilting prevention need to be connected on the top panel, so as to fix with the wall.

8. Rise the installed shoe cabinet up.

9. Installation is complete.


Points for attention:

1. The plastic shoe racks struck into the door panel with appropriate power(about 3 pounds power), otherwise will damage the mirror.

2. The door panels with mirror must be putted onthe clean and flat place with protectors.

3. Must be in correspondence to the holes or gaps, the connecting part should be tightly connected.

4. Install the door panel from bottom to up one by one. The door panels should be kept flat when another side panel be installed.

5. Place the installed shoe cabinet flat on the ground then raise it up with two people. The doo panel with mirror must on the top when raise up, avoid the moveable door panel fall off.


Operation and maintenance

1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources. Forbid soaking in water.

2. Keep the cabinet door closed when not in use.

3. Use mild furniture cleaners to clean the cabinet.

4. Open the cabinet door gently at the bottom of drawers.

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